#SidnetDonations: Piotr for Homebrew and Oncorun – Together for health!

For the Sidnet team, one of the negative consequences of the pandemic is a temporary suspension of the Tuesday board game sessions that used to take place in Warsaw. Until recently, Piotr Zieliński – our Full-Stack Developer – was a regular participant in these meetings. However Piotr is not only an avid fan of board games but also a skilled programmer, one who quickly finds himself at home in any new project. Piotr has recently joined the team responsible for our ongoing cooperation with THG (the owner company of the UK2 brand), one of our long-term customers.

What open-source and charity projects will we be supporting in May, based on our programmer’s wishes?


Homebrew is the most popular package manager for macOS. It is the missing link that connects open-source software to Apple’s operating system. It allows users to easily install open-source programs on a Mac, such as software commonly used on Linux. Homebrew is written in Ruby and supports the default version of Ruby that comes with macOS. Piotr uses Homebrew to install and use developer software.

“Thanks to Homebrew, I have everything I need in one place. Installing, updating, package search – every operation can be carried out efficiently via the terminal. The tool also allows you to have different versions of the same package installed at the same time and to switch between them at will. In addition, applications are installed without having to use the sudo command, so there’s no need to modify any base system files, including system files,” said Piotr.

The project has been developed by volunteer programmers since 2009. It is part of the Software Freedom Conservancy, which includes other open-source projects like Git, Debian and Selenium.

Oncorun – Together for health!

Oncorun is the oldest oncology-themed charity running event in Poland. It has been organized by the Sarcoma Association since 2008. Their goal it to support oncological patients both financially and psychologically.

Since Piotr was involved in the development of the Oncorun website, he is intricately familiar with this project. He has recently added such features as support for multiple language versions and online training registration. In addition, he represented Sidnet twice during Oncorun events in Warsaw.

“Though the entire world’s efforts are focused on fighting the pandemic, my thoughts are with the patients of the Sarcoma Association. Not only do they have to their condition, but now also suffer due to their reduced immunity to the coronavirus and difficulties in accessing medical assistance,” he explained.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Oncorun organizers have been donating personal protective equipment to hospitals. Additionally, they continue to raise funds for medicine, treatment and clinical visits for the most vulnerable oncological patients.