We began our business operations in 2004 as a three-person team completing minor orders and Internet projects. We have grown year after year both in terms of the team’s size and the scope of applied technologies, as well as the scale of the implemented projects.

Today, our team comprises more than 20 people. We have completed more than two hundred projects and we enjoy the trust of our returning and current clients.

As a result of our good organisation and efficient use of remote work methods, we have been operating on the Polish market and working for clients in the UK, USA, and Germany for a number of years.

Our Team

Since the very beginning, our idea was to build a team that would last for years to come with the belief that a fixed, reliable and tight group of people allows us to take on new and more complex challenges. Even though we operate on a dynamic market, where rapid changes of employers have become commonplace, we stick to our original assumption. The longest serving employees have been with us for over five years and most of our staff has been employed for at least two or three years.

We try to foster a positive and friendly atmosphere at the company so that our work can not only be effective but also pleasant. Even though our team is scattered and many work on a remote basis, we try to organise a meeting for all our team members once a month, to go bowling or go-carting and have a beer (or lemonade) together.

Work Philosophy

We focus our attention on the quality of the websites and applications that we design. We strive to create reliable and effective solutions that bring provide tangible benefits for our clients and are, at the same time, easy for our team to maintain and develop in the future.

We value setting clear requirements as to the scope of the undertaken projects and we are willing to help our clients in compiling them. We avoid ventures that require working in a hurry or compromising quality to decrease the costs.

We use reliable, effective practices and tools, both during programming work and project management. We enjoy using such techniques as Test-Driven Development and Continuous Integration, and while working with the source code we mostly apply Git (in combination with GitLab or GitHub). We use Redmine to facilitate running projects, and while working with clients we also use other tools such as Jira and Basecamp.

We have become flexible due to our extensive experience and work with various types of projects, and thus, we can adjust to the organisation and work specifics of our clients.

Open Source

While creating web and mobile applications, we use many tools and solutions offered by the open source community. For years, we have been trying to give back so every month we donate funds to a selected project.

Charity Work

Apart from working on projects for clients and our own ventures, we also cooperate with charity organisations on a regular basis, implementing their projects free of charge or with significantly decreased costs.

Through this, we have established a closer partnership with the “mali bracia Ubogich” association and the “Sarcoma” Association for the ill.

For several years it has become our custom to implement one such project before the Christmas season, as a “present” for the selected organisation.

Moreover, similarly as in the case of open source projects, once a month we donate funds to a selected charity organisation.