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“Blogi z pierwszego tłoczenia” website, belonging to the Kujawski brand, collects the best cooking recipes from selected blogs run by cooking enthusiasts in a single place.

We built the website from the ground up in 2008. Currently, we are still responsible for its maintenance and further development.

“Blogi z pierwszego tłoczenia” – statistics:

collaborating bloggers

25 000
active users
every day

35 000

100 000

Efficient website engine

The heart of every website is its engine. To meet the requirements of the “Blogi z pierwszego tłoczenia” website, we built an engine in PHP with the use of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure. Recipe data is stored in a MySQL database.

Over the years the website has undergone numerous changes, including two thorough overhauls. Currently, thanks to its modular design, it is easy to introduce new functions to the website, as well as to conduct experiments.

To improve the performance of the website and ensure its fast operation, we utilise cache mechanisms and optimisation techniques for frequently performed operations. The smooth operation of the website is also facilitated by the use of an efficient HTTP server – nginx.

Automatic content collection

“Blogi z pierwszego tłoczenia” is a huge recipe collection which expands every single day by at least several or several dozen new ones: more than 35,000 recipes have been entered into the database throughout the course of the website’s existence.

In order to keep up with the creativity of affiliated bloggers and be able to constantly add their newest recipes, we created tools for automatic collection and processing of blog content using Perl – a language known for its ability to process text data.

Fast search engine

A site containing as much content as “Blogi z pierwszego tłoczenia” simply cannot function without an efficient search engine.

The engine that we implemented is based on the tried-and-tested Apache Solr engine, which ensures accurate and fast search results. Searching through the entire recipe database takes merely 0.3 seconds.

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Reliable e-mail service

A large portion of the website’s userbase wants to regularly receive new recipes to their e-mail addresses and, as such, they subscribe to the “Culinary Courier” bulletin.

To ensure efficient and trouble-free delivery of a large number of messages to various users, we integrated the website with the SendGrid service – one of the most popular mass mailing solutions.