Realizacje Sidnet UK2

UK2 (a THG company) is a British company offering awide range of services related to hosting and domains. We have been their permanent partner since 2014.

We are working on UK2’s key project: the creation and development of an integrated sales and service management system.

Not only do we handle programming tasks but we also assist in implementing new versions of the system, as well as work coordination.

Front-end app architecture

From the very beginning of the system’s creation process, we have been involved in building the single page application (SPA), written in JavaScript. We have been working on creating its basic structure and architecture, as well as adapting selected technical solutions to the needs of the project.

We still maintain and develop the entire application, including elements such as the administration panel, client panel, and order placement mechanisms.

Portfolio Sidnet UK2 Architektura aplikacji frontend
Portfolio Sidnet UK2 Obsługiwanie zamówień

Order processing

We succeeded in making the order placement process as convenient as possible – after purchasing a service, clients are immediately redirected to a screen where they can customise it to better suit their needs.

Administrators, on the other hand, can just as easily fulfil individual stages of the client’s order, resolving problems, issuing potential refunds, and introducing appropriate changes to the configuration of purchased services.

Client data management

We carefully designed and implemented functions for ongoing client service.

We provided system administrators with the ability to easily view and manage client services, handle service transfers between different user accounts, view and manage payments, handle client queries, as well as view any bonuses they might have gained for recommending a particular service to a friend.

Portfolio Sidnet UK2 Zarządzanie danymi
Portfolio Sidnet UK2 Raporty sprzedaży

Sales reports

The administration panel that we created allows users to view statistics and sales reports generated by the system’s API.

To facilitate the quick and legible presentation of that data, we developed a method of displaying it in the form of charts, based on the Highcharts JavaScript library.

Maintaining multiple brands

UK2 Group owns several different brands. The primary challenge that we faced while working on the application was to design it in such a manner as to ensure that performing the same tasks separately for different brands would not be required.

In order to resolve this problem, we modified the administration panel to allow it to manage multiple brands with the use of the same code. Thanks to this, we currently maintain, and simultaneously.

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