#SidnetDonations: Mariusz for Strapi and Hospicjum Światło (Light Hospice) Association

New year’s edition of the #SidnetDonations initiative reminds us in a painful way of being aware and reacting before it’s too late.

This month’s selection of open‑source and non‑profit projects has been made by Mariusz Różański. He’s a Lead Developer based in Toruń and working on projects for our British clients: THG and UK2, belonging to the same group.


An open-source headless CMS that allows you to create websites with the separation of the front-end and back-end layers. It works with different types of databases (non‑relational, relational). CMS can be easily integrated with the most popular JavaScript frameworks, such as React, Angular, Vue, but developers can also create their own interfaces.

Which of the Strapi features are particularly useful for Mariusz?

  • Intuitiveness. The CMS is clear and easy to use.
  • Flexibility. Strapi allows developers to use many non-standard components on the website, and easily create new ones by themselves.
  • Developer‑centric. The software offers a rich base of elements ready to use, that significantly speed up work in harmony with the ‘developer‑first’ principle.

“I had the opportunity to use Strapi for commercial projects and I must admit that I had a great time working with it, and most importantly, the customers are very satisfied with the effects,” says Mariusz.

Hospicjum Światło (Light Hospice) Association

Our January donation wasn’t meant to be received by the association in Toruń as a whole. It was intended for one of its beneficiaries, Maciej Kowalczyk—a longtime hospice volunteer and a favorite hairdresser of Mariusz’s wife. Sadly, Maciej passed away at the beginning of this year before we had a chance to show him our support and encourage others to do it.

“Although we did not have a chance to support Maciek and his relatives in their struggle with the disease under the #SidnetDonations initiative, many chronically ill people are still under the care of the association, for whom our help will be worth its weight in gold. That is why I decided to choose this organization,” says our developer.

The main goal of the Light Hospice Association is to care for terminally ill residents and their families. Hospice volunteers improve the quality of life of ill and dependent patients. They do it in place and through free home visits of medical guardians, physiotherapists, and psychologists.