#SidnetDonations: Angelika for PDFsam Basic and Empowering Children Foundation

One of the things that every Sidnet team member learns quite promptly, is respect for open-source software. You may not know much about it when joining, but after some time (and especially after the first Sidnet donation made on your behalf), you begin to understand why the idea of open-source software is so commendable.

This was the case for both Staszek and myself, and now it is time for Angelika Wiskont, the board assistant who coordinates the work of the Rawa Mazowiecka office, to make the choice. Angelika handles the team’s billing and administrative matters and keeps our meeting calendar in check.

What open-source and non-profit projects will we be supporting based on Angelika’s choices?

PDFsam Basic

PDFsam Basic is an open-source PDF editor. It is a desktop application for Windows, iOS and Linux that is available free of charge.

PDFsam Basic includes the following modules:

  • PDF merge allows you to merge entire PDF files or their parts (including any outlines and Acroforms in them).
  • PDF split allows you to split a PDF file into smaller files based on the specified page range, header level or target PDF size.
  • PDF mix allows you to combine pages from PDF files in the appropriate way, even in cases where some scans have been arranged in the reverse order.
  • Rotate PDF allows you to either rotate all or selected pages by 90°, 180° or 270°.
  • Extract pages allows you to create a new PDF from the pages selected.

“I work with PDF documents every day, so I was looking for a tool that would be multifunctional, but also quick and easy to use. I now use PDFsam Basic, which gives me more options than other free software. I would like to contribute to its further development,” Angelika explained.

Empowering Children Foundation

Empowering Children Foundation (Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę) is the largest Polish organization that fights to prevent violence against children in a comprehensive way. Formerly known as the Nobody’s Children Foundation (Fundacja Dzieci Niczyje), it is responsible for such well-known social campaigns as ‘You never know who’s on the other side’ and ‘Bad touch’.

“As a young mother, I cannot fathom how anyone can use violence against children or abuse them sexually. I want to say a firm ‘NO’ to both the direct perpetrators of violence—which often has dire consequences for children’s development—and anyone who turns a blind eye to such behavior”, said Angelika.

Empowering Children Foundation offers legal and psychological help to children and their guardians who have suffered abuse. It organizes wide-ranging social campaigns to educate children and adults alike. It also strives to change the Polish law to better protect the best interests of children.