#SidnetDonations: Małgorzata for Thunderbird and the DIOZ Association

September marks the end of vacation time for most of us and the start of new endeavors and obstacles. Our office manager, Małgorzata Łaszczych, is always prepared to take on any challenge, regardless of the season, while inspiring the rest of our team to do the same. 

Unsurprisingly, Małgorzata chose to support Thunderbird, an email client whose benefits she uses daily, and the Lower Silesian Animal Protection Inspectorate, which rescues animals in need—a cause she feels deeply about. Thanks to Małgorzata, we will financially support both of these projects.


Thunderbird is a free and open-source e-mail client and message management application created by Mozilla Corporation. It is available on various platforms, including Windows, macOS and Linux. It is an extensive e-mail management tool that allows users to receive, send, and manage e-mail messages.

“As an office manager, I receive a lot of e-mails, and part of my communication, both with clients and accounting, takes place through this channel. Thanks to Thunderbird, I receive email notifications on an ongoing basis, regardless of the web browser chosen. I know I won’t miss anything, and I don’t have to look directly into my inbox to see if any new important message is waiting. This tool makes my work much easier, and I recommend it to every new employee during the implementation process.”—explains Gosia and adds: “I can create separate folders for messages and catalog them, or quickly mark their priority – it’s very handy.”

Thunderbird is an attractive solution for people who value open-source, flexibility, and availability on various platforms and those looking for a free alternative to other e-mail clients.


The DIOZ Association (Lower Silesian Animal Protection Inspectorate) operates especially in the Silesia region in Poland. It carries out dozens of interventions, rescues injured animals from pathological environments, provides them with care, and implements necessary treatment.

“With its everyday perseverance and charisma, DIOZ has already saved many animals from the hands of bestial owners. Their activities cost them a lot- they have repeatedly risked their health and lives! But the members of the Association do not give up,” says Małgorzata, adding: “There are videos of the intervention on social media, and when I watch them, I often have tears in my eyes, and uncensored words come to mind. People who harm animals cannot be called humans. They are beasts. Starving dogs, cats, and farm animals that live in their excrements reproduce without control and die in suffering. Thanks to DIOZ, they have a chance for a better life. By supporting the foundation financially, we give them such an opportunity.”

You can stay updated on the association’s activities by following them on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, you can support them by purchasing goods from the shop or making a bank transfer.