#SidnetDonations: Emil for the Mozilla Foundation and the Legal Protection of Animals Lex Nova Foundation

Summer holidays are slowly coming to an end, but we continue to help. In August, it is Emil, a Python and Golang Developer who has been part of our remote team for over three years, chooses the initiatives as part of the monthly #SidnetDonations action.

What open-source and non-profit projects will we support according to our developer’s wishes?

The Mozilla Foundation

The Mozilla Foundation has been working for an open and accessible Internet for 20 years. The list of its numerous projects and ventures includes, among others, the development and maintenance of the Firefox browser, of which Emil is a faithful user. Primarily, for this reason, he chose the Foundation.

“The browser market is dominated by large corporations, especially Google with its Chrome and Apple with Safari. For me, using Firefox is not only an alternative but a choice of freedom from monopoly,” – says Emil.

“I use Firefox in both desktop and mobile versions. I especially appreciate the feature of synchronizing browsing history between devices, and the ability to easily transfer an open page to another device,” – adds our programmer.

Thanks to the organizational and financial support of the Mozilla Foundation, Firefox not only does not lag behind the rival browsers of the powerful competition but also often blazes new trails and is the first to introduce innovative features and technical solutions.

The Legal Protection of Animals Lex Nova Foundation

The Foundation was established over a decade ago in order to disseminate knowledge of the principles contained in the World Declaration of Animal Rights announced by UNESCO in Paris in 1978 and other provisions regarding the legal protection of animals in Poland.

The organization supports activities in the field of animal and environmental protection, in particular:

  • Counteracting all forms of cruelty and violence against animals
  • Activities for the humane treatment of animals, their protection, and care
  • Shaping proecological attitudes in society through educational activities
  • Taking action to build and strengthen a civic control system in the field of animal and environmental protection.

Emil adds that “the goal of the foundation is also educational activity in the direction of counteracting the phenomena of violence and aggression, also directed at people”.