#SidnetDonations: Dominika for the Tor Project and the Empowering Children Foundation

In March, it was Dominika Gajda who selected the non-profit organizations that would receive our support. Dominika is a programmer who mainly codes in Python. She is currently using her skills on a project for the Carlsberg Group.

As an informed Internet user, Dominika supports the Tor Project, which cares about privacy rights and freedom of expression. She also promotes the Empowering Children Foundation–an organization that protects children from violence (also cyberviolence) and sexual abuse.

The Tor Project

Probably the best-known product of the Tor Project–a non-profit organization that has been operating for the past 17 years–is the Tor Browser, which is available on popular operating systems.

It enables free communication, gives access to censored content in countries that restrict freedom of speech, and helps avoid unwanted advertising,” says Dominika, and adds that the Tor browser “provides a high level of anonymity on the Internet. It allows you to hide your activity, identity or location“.

The Empowering Children Foundation

The Empowering Children Foundation, formerly operating under the name Nobody’s Children Foundation, has been protecting children from violence and sexual abuse for more than 30 years. Above all, it offers abused children professional psychological and legal assistance and introduces the Child Protection Standards in Poland.

It is the largest non-governmental organization in Poland dedicated to protecting children from abuse and providing assistance to children who have experienced various forms of violence and sexual abuse.

Its activities include:

  • Conducting social campaigns
  • Educating children on how to avoid violence and abuse
  • Providing telephone support
  • Influencing Polish law to best protect the interests of children
  • Conducting workshops for those working with children to enable them to more easily identify the problem and intervene.

Why is this important? “Proper development in childhood has a significant impact on functioning in later stages of life. Traumas from this period cause changes in brain structure and function as well as increase the risk of problems in the future,” explains Dominika.