#SidnetDonations: Bartek for freeCodeCamp and the Pociecha Foundation

Bartek Tkacz has been successfully ensuring the quality of the solutions we create for over a year—initially, he performed manual tests and currently, he also includes automated tests using the Postman and Cypress platform. Being enthusiastic about his work he shows interest in new and more effective testing methods.

Knowing Bartek’s approach to learning, the choice of projects we support this month seems natural. Both February donations share a common thought: comprehensive support in learning and personal development.


An open-source interactive online learning platform powered by an engaged community from over 160 countries. The organization behind the platform offers free, practical, and theoretical courses, primarily to junior programmers. This form of learning, based on real projects, allows one to expand their portfolio and after passing tests also obtain appropriate certificates.

“This platform has contributed to my start in the IT industry and I know that some of my colleagues also use it. The courses are of high quality, completely free, and make it easy for people from all over the world to start their adventure in the IT world,” Bartek says.

The Pociecha Foundation

A non-profit foundation focusing its activities around community centers that provide children from poor and educationally inefficient families with professional care.

The community centers supported by the foundation are located in the children’s neighborhood. There, they can eat a hot meal after school, and receive learning support as well as space and tools to develop their passions. The institution also organizes summer and winter trips for children and provides school supplies and Christmas gifts.

“The activities of the foundation aim to counteract social pathologies by giving children a sense of security and a chance for better development. Every child deserves it!” emphasizes Bartek.