Do you like building LEGO? Maybe programming is just for you!

Are you thinking about a career change but you don’t know which way to go yet? The easiest way to start is to look for a path that more or less relates to your interests. If you have always enjoyed building LEGO, chances are you already have the right mindset to become a programmer.

The Danish bricks are a simple tool that helps to improve the key competences desired by future programmers.

LEGO almost unconsciously:

  • develops a creative approach because you can create different constructions from the same bricks based on the instructions or your own imagination. Such thinking promotes solving problems in non-obvious ways.
  • stimulates strategic thinking because the bricks must be properly selected and combined and at the end perform specific functions.
  • arouses curiosity and engages for long hours while practicing concentration and patience.
  • teaches determination, testing various solutions, enduring failures and … starting from scratch.
  • practices teamwork and clear communication skills when building in a group.

Having these attributes and skills make the work of a programmer much easier because writing code is also a creative activity favored by outside-the-box thinking. Logical reasoning and readiness to persistently search for optimal solutions also help in software development. Self-reliance as well as efficient teamwork are qualities appreciated and desired in the IT industry.

If you see this potential in yourself maybe it’s worth trying your way as a programmer?

photo by Marcin Tabaka