#SidnetDonations: Damian for Manjaro Linux and The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation

Opposites attract in January, which marks both the saddest and one of the merriest days of the year. Blue Monday is considered the most dismal day out of 365. However, that gloomy mood fades away as the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity enters the stage with its joyful Grand Finale. It is a national charity event, and with our developer Damian Bełza we have decided to support it as a part of #SidnetDonations. The second beneficiary, by Damain’s choice, is the open-source project Manjaro Linux.

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro is an alternative operating system based on Linux. The users value it for prioritizing privacy issues, no licensing fees, and no hidden ads.
The compatibility is also a great asset of Manjaro. It performs well in professional and home environments and on each device regardless the age – desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Damian, who specializes in PHP, Perl, and JavaScript, appreciates Manjaro for the same reasons. “The system is based on the Arch distribution and uses the Pacman package manager that ensures basic compatibility. The unofficial Arch User Repository (AUR) is also accessible, which expands the availability of the software.”

Manjaro receives bonus points from Damian for its stability, speed, and reliability, thanks to which day-to-day work with the system is a breeze.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation plays the loudest on one day in January. But in reality, it performs all year round, collecting funds to purchase modern equipment for Polish hospitals and medical facilities.

Besides its regular scope of operation, the Foundation provides support during emergencies, too. “We could count on it during the covid pandemic. Also, Ukraine received massive help during the unnecessary, bloody war”, sums up Damian. 

The Foundation operates effectively, and for this reason, the Poles subside it generously. “In 2020, the estimation was that one in every five pieces of medical equipment found in Polish hospitals was delivered by the Orchestra. Such equipment even saved the life of my family member”, says our developer

With Damian, we join the Orchestra’s 31st Grand Finale. For details on how to support the fundraiser, please visit https://en.wosp.org.pl/final/31-final-wosp.