#SidnetDonations: Jakub for ESLint and Ukraine (via Polish Center for National Aid)

Christmas time makes us more compassionate and willing to share and care for others. In Sidnet, we grew this custom of regularly helping people in need and supporting open-source projects. We are happy to see our workmates being part of this unique tradition every month. December is no exception here, and together with Jakub Wysocki, our Full-Stack Developer, we will contribute to the ESLint project and a fundraiser for Ukraine.


ESLint is a static code analysis tool that fixes various programming or syntax errors in JavaScript and JSX code in the early stage of development work. However, its usability goes beyond the standard features of similar software. Hence, this handy plugin quickly became a toolbox staple of our Full-Stack Developer.

The rules in ESLint are easy to configure, and custom ones can be defined and loaded from external sources. ESLint supports current ECMAScript standards and experimental syntax for future releases,” says Jakub.

ESLint is an open-source project. The maintenance and development of the tool depend mainly on the community and contributors. Along with Jakub, we join the crowd to support ESLint in the December issue of the #SidnetDonations initiative.

Fundraiser for Ukraine via Polish Center for National Aid

For the seventh time this year, we donate to a humanitarian organization that helps Ukrainians suffering from the war. It is the Polish Center for National Aid and its fundraiser for Ukraine, which we are joining in December.

Winter is a challenging season. For that reason, the Ukrainian troops and citizens will need consistent support during that time. Also, having Ukrainian workmates on the team makes our engagement personal and natural,” Jakub explains his choice.

The funds raised by the organization will be spent on medical equipment and supplies for Ukrainian hospitals, humanitarian aid in the warzone, and education and support for children who took refuge in Poland from the war.