#SidnetDonations: Patryk for Thunderbird and National Fund for the Homelessness Prevention of Cats and Dogs

The common theme of our monthly charity action is animals – cats, dogs, and … Thunderbird. While dogs and cats accompany us in real life, Thunderbird is a legendary bird from American folklore that has become the logo of a popular mail client. The initiatives we will be happy to support this month were chosen by Patryk Urbański, a React Frontend Developer in our team.


Presumably, there is no single person in the IT world, who hasn’t heard of Thunderbird. It is a popular, free email and calendaring client known for its performance and high customizability for every work style and manner.  Thunderbird prioritizes users’ security, hence the number of built-in features, such as support for the ‘Do Not Track’ header, spam and remote content blocking, and phishing protection. 

Our developers, including Patryk, value this email client. “I use Thunderbird every day, and I appreciate how it boosts my work. That is why I would like to support it to keep it free and available to everyone”.

Like many other open-source projects, Thunderbirds remains independent and grows thanks to its users, who support it with know-how and donations.  

Rasowy Kundel Foundation fundraiser for the National Fund for the Homelessness Prevention of Cats and Dogs

Homelessness among dogs and cats is a huge problem caused mainly by pet owners’ irresponsibility and lack of knowledge. Rasowy Kundel Foundation, which can be translated as Pedigree Mutt Foundation, aims to prevent pet homelessness by raising funds for the second time on behalf ofthe National Fund for the Homelessness Prevention of Cats and Dogs. 

“This fundraiser helps prevent the suffering and misery of polish stray cats and dogs. Each day brings new fundraisers for all the abandoned and hurt animals.  The Fund aims to avert pet homelessness, including education, instead of just fixing the damage.” sums up Patryk.

The goal of the fundraiser is to collect one million zlotys. It will cover the costs of neutering and microchip implants for 2500 pets. The collected money will also support an educational program on pet homelessness, its causes, and prevention.