#SidnetDonations: Bartek for Ukraine (through the Historia Vita Foundation)

When life gets hectic, one can miss that it has already been halfway through the month. Some mundane tasks got checked off the to-do list, and more are queueing to settle. But for us, mid-month is a particular time as it marks another edition of our charity support initiative. In October, we are making a double donation with the help of our IT Project Manager, Bartłomiej Kłak.

Fundraising for Ukraine, via Vita History Foundation

Since the chances for the war in Ukraine to end are slim, further ongoing help is indispensable. Many foundations continually support the Ukrainian refugees in Poland and those who have not left the country despite the war. “Many Ukrainian citizens chose to stay home, and due to the incoming winter, any help is necessary. Vita History Foundation distributes food and other goods to people staying in the war-inflicted country. Easy access to food is something we take for granted, but in war zones, it is increasingly difficult to get,” Bartek explains.

The Vita History Foundation has halted its usual operations to join many other foundations supporting Ukraine in this humanitarian effort. Since February 24th, rather than planning cultural events, the charity has used its logistic resources to reach out with assistance to those in need in the war-torn country. Everyone can also participate by donating money or the essentials listed on the Foundation’s website.