#SidnetDonations: Łukasz for XMonad and Open Cages association

If you’re wondering how to volunteer or get involved without taking your hands off the keyboard, here are some examples. You could be building a web application for people in debt, helping them settle and pay off on preferential terms, or develop a registration system for the charity event Onkobieg. These are some of the projects that our React Developer, Łukasz Kozłowski, has been working on.

We provide Łukasz with the opportunity to help and ask him to pick projects for the #SidnetDonations initiative in September. By his choice, we will support Xmonad project and Open Cages association in Poland.


XMonad is a tiling window manager compatible with any computer operating system. XMonad dynamically and automatically organizes app windows across the screen for easy work and content access. It also provides keyboard support, making workflows smoother without using a mouse.

From the developer’s point of view, quick and easy access to multiple open windows is a huge perk. “I would like to contribute to the Xmonad project, as I use it daily, at work and home. I got my work done in no time, and my wrist pain went away when I fully switched to the keyboard and ditched the mouse thanks to the keyboard support feature” sums up Łukasz.

Open Cages association

We frequently support animal shelters and advocacy organizations in our monthly charity action. September is no exception, and thanks to Łukasz, we support the Open Cages association, which has been making efforts to improve the lives of farm animals in Poland for ten years now.

The organization aims to change the ways farm animals are treated and reduce the environmental impact of industrial livestock farming.

“It is a major cause of the looming climate disaster. The behaviors deeply ingrained in our system cause the most damage to the environment” explains Łukasz. “They include the massive amounts of water used to produce fodder, an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, and forest clearing to make room for forage production and animal grazing. Not to mention the startling amount of misery that comes with it for 70 billion farm animals and more than a trillion fish.”

Mass farming has an unfathomable negative influence on the environment, which is why systemic improvements would be the most effective. The Open Cages organization came to the same conclusion “This is why I wanted to support it” says Łukasz.” To reach and alleviate the suffering animals, the Open Cages organization executes the idea of effective altruism at the source of the issue.”

As Open Cages is an NGO, every animal lover can support the organization by volunteering, fundraising, or donating.