#SidnetDonations: Grzegorz for Ukraine (through the ZARYS Foundation)

These days one can both work far-off and help effectively while being miles away too. Our Frontend Developer, Grzegorz Marszałek, plays it like a pro. Per Grzegorz’s request, this month we double-support the fundraising for Ukraine held by ZARYS Foundation.

“I would like to aid the ZARYS Foundation in their fundraiser for Ukraine. When the news about the war broke, no one could genuinely believe it. We held our fingers crossed for a fast resolution of the conflict. But despite our wishes, the war rages on, threatening the life of the Ukrainian people,” Grzegorz explains.

It has been six months since the war in Ukraine started. Still, every kind of support is appreciated, especially the medical equipment and supplies for the community hospitals and clinics. ZARYS Foundation provides such help, which we support with a double-donation in August.

“The Foundation consults the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to kit out the hospitals operating in Ukraine. It seems apparent that as long as the battles carry on, such help will be indispensable,” sums up Grzegorz. “My contribution to support this fundraiser has also a personal aspect, as two members of my project team live in Ukraine”.

ZARYS Foundation owns the largest warehouse of disposable medical equipment in Central Europe. This perk helps the Foundation to provide and ship the necessary supplies directly to the war zone and also to raise money to ensure continuous delivery. The Foundation operates worldwide, hence it is possible for the contributors to voluntarily support the cause in any currency they find convenient.