#SidnetDonations: Marcin for SponsorBlock and Kultura Liberalna (Liberal Culture)

In July, we support initiatives that share the same founding principle of unrestricted access—either to source code or to information. This month it is Marcin Szałabski who chooses both the non‑profit and open‑source projects. Marcin is working as a Java Developer in a project for a global e‑commerce company, THG. This is the first time he chooses the projects for #SidnetDonations.

What open‑source and non‑profit projects does Marcin want us to support?


SponsorBlock gives users easy access to YouTube content that is free from embedded sponsor segments.

“It is a browser plugin that allows skipping the sponsor spots, intros, and other sponsored breaks in the videos. It compliments the AdBlock extension, which halts the native YT commercials. When used simultaneously, they provide an uninterrupted viewing experience,” Marcin explains.

As an open‑source project, SponsorBlock keeps developing thanks to its community. The users submit sponsor spots to skip. The voted pieces are stored in the extension database, which counts almost 5 million skip segments. They feed the algorithm and train it to improve its accuracy when blocking out unwanted sponsored content. This way users enjoy their favorite videos without commercial breaks.

Kultura Liberalna (Liberal Culture)

Liberal Culture is a non‑profit project brought to life by and for the community of citizens.

“It is an NGO media organization that receives independent funding and is unaffected by politicians. The community warrants its objectivity, merits, and factualism. Liberal Culture focuses on political issues in Poland, minority and women’s rights, and climate change problems. It also promotes democratic and liberal values,” clarifies our developer.

The Liberal Culture weekly journal is available online, but contrary to similar sources, all its content is paywall‑free. Anyone interested in the centric and liberal point of view presented there can easily reach the LC’s vast base of articles, podcasts, and interviews.

Besides the online activity, the Liberal Culture organization publishes books on current politics and culture and organizes events, seminars, and debates.