#SidnetDonations: Wojciech for Ukraine (through the Ocalenie Foundation)

War in Ukraine lasts, and so does our support for Ukrainians affected by it. Wojciech Siewierski–our Full‑Stack Developer and IT Administrator–is yet another Sidnet Team member who won’t contribute to an open‑source venture this time and make a double donation to the Ocalenie Foundation fundraiser.

The media keeps us up‑to‑date with all the traumatic stories about the war in Ukraine. Despite the ongoing fights, Poland is committed to supporting its Ukrainian neighbors, both those that stayed under the fire and the refugees that settled in Poland for shelter.

“In this circumstance, I’d like to contribute as well. Poles are no strangers to blatant violence from neighboring countries. I believe it is difficult for us to stay unconcerned”, explains Wojtek.

It is quite heartening to know that we are participating in this charity marathon thanks to Sidnet employees. This kind of support will still be necessary, even after battles have ceased.

The Ocalenie Foundation, a non‑profit we back in May, helps Ukrainian refugees when they cross the border and stay in Poland.

The scope of the charity’s help to Ukrainians includes the following:

  • arrangements for transit and accommodation,
  • legal, psychological, and mentorship assistance,
  • establishing safe‑haven zones for children at refugee reception centers,
  • integration programs for children and youth,
  • assistance with job search and home rental,
  • material assistance.