#SidnetDonations: Krzysiek for the Foundation for Puppies Judyta

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we again won’t contribute to an open‑source venture and make a double donation to the Foundation for Puppies Judyta which rescues dog refugees from Ukraine. It is one of our FullStack Developers, Krzysiek Skarbek, who picked this initiative to support in April.

“Not only do people suffer during wartime, but also the animals. Unfortunately, pets have no chance to help themselves out of this situation”, says Krzysiek. “Judyta foundation is overcrowded with pets taken from the war zone in Ukraine. And more animals in need keep coming”.

The charity’s employees and volunteers look after Ukrainian dogs, they also arrange transportation to the warstruck areas to bring and save as many pets as possible. 

More dog refugees mean more chores and duties, mainly because the pets are wounded due to war. Some of them also need treatment and recovery due to their age and overall poor health. Judyta foundation does a great deal of work to provide them with proper living conditions, but additional support is needed to cater food, medicine, and accommodation.

To keep everyone uptodate with refugee dog rescue actions, Judyta charity updates its website and Facebook page with daily posts. Besides the heartbreaking dog stories and shelter life situations, the charity also links to numerous fundraisers it runs in order to secure the four-legged pensioners with a better life. 

Currently, the Judyta foundation is collecting funds for two shipping containers that will be converted into a cozy accommodation for the refugee dogs.