#SidnetDonations: Kamil for Ukraine (through Polish Humanitarian Action)

As usual, on the 15th day of each month, one of Sidnet’s team members picks an open‑source project and a charity initiative for us to support with a donation. In March we continue to do so, with one exception to that rule due to the current situation in Ukraine. At the request of our Full‑Stack Developer Kamil Głuszak, this time we won’t contribute to an open‑source venture and make a double donation to the Polish Humanitarian Action fundraiser

On March 24th we woke up to the new reality, overwhelmed by the reports of Russian aggression against Ukraine. The news about the military attack on the neighboring country was even more alarming for us. One of our remote developers was still living and working in Ukraine at the moment. Currently, our Ukrainian friend and his family are in a safe place we arranged for them in Warsaw.

Within twenty-four hours Polish people responded to this catastrophic situation. Our Ukrainian brothers and sisters received immediate humanitarian aid for their war-torn country. We decided to give our share too. We have contributed with individual subsidies, by supporting the “Hello Girls!” initiative on the occasion of Women’s Day. Today we donate to the Polish Humanitarian Action at the request of Kamil.

“Nothing is as urgent as support for Ukraine at this moment,” explains Kamil, “everything else seems lesser right now.”

Polish Humanitarian Action has been operating in Ukraine since 2014. Currently, it focuses on providing its citizens with food, clothing, health, and hygiene products. PHA also arranged the refugee help hubs at the Polish-Ukrainian border and psycho-social support centers in eastern Ukraine.

To support our Ukrainian friends in need, PHA informs on its activities and day‑to‑day situation via social media.