#SidnetDonations: Piotrek for NestJS and Ariana Wasiak (ZOBACZ MNIE Foundation beneficiary)

For several months, our thoughts have been with Ariana, a girl who has a medulloblastoma. She is the one‑year‑old daughter of a cousin of Michał Staszewski, who is responsible for sales in our team. Michał encouraged us to make individual donations and make our #SidnetDonation for February earlier, in January. Today, we can celebrate the fact that together with other donors we managed to achieve the fundraiser goal and the girl has already started treatment.

In February, the recipients of our donations (including Ariana) are chosen by Piotrek Zieliński, our Full‑Stack Developer who is always ready to discover new technologies.


A back‑end JavaScript framework developed in Poland as a modern alternative to the Node.jsExpress framework. It combines the concepts of object-oriented, functional, and functional reactive programming.

‘NestJS is built around TypeScript, dependency injection, and modularity. These notions are associated for example with Angular. Someone who does not know these terms may need more time to start working with Nest, but these concepts are definitely worth exploring,’ says Piotrek.

Like Angular, NestJS imposes an application architecture that makes it easier to write scalable, maintainable, and testable code.

Ariana Wasiak (ZOBACZ MNIE Foundation beneficiary)

The story of Ariana—a one-year-old girl with a brain stem tumor—has touched so many people that in less than two months they managed to raise over $2 million (!) for treatment in the United States. Ever since the diagnosis was made in December, our little fighter has undergone 8 operations and is now receiving chemotherapy.

‘I can’t even imagine what the parents of 11‑month‑old Ariana felt when they heard the diagnosis: malignant tumor. I’m happy that we contributed to the success of the fundraiser for a treatment which could not be administered in Poland,’ says our programmer.

The fundraiser is over, but restoring the girl’s health entails additional unplanned costs, such as the replacement of a valve. The account number and KRS (National Court Register) number needed to donate 1% of your tax can be found on the website of the ZOBACZ MNIE Foundation.