#SidnetDonations: Wojtek for PHP Foundation and Magda Rejman (The Children’s Future Foundation beneficiary)

At Sidnet, we help on a daily basis, not only on special occasions. In December, we carry on with this practice and support the projects chosen by Wojtek Wąsik. Wojtek has been a member of our team for over 4 years now as a Senior Full‑Stack Developer and is currently working on a project for our British e‑commerce client, THG. It is not the first time that Wojtek takes the opportunity to select the projects to support as part of the #SidnetDonations initiative. And again, his choice was very personal.

Take a look at open‑source and charity projects that will receive financial support this month thanks to Wojtek’s choices.

PHP Foundation

The core mission of the newly established foundation is to modernize one of the most popular programming languages—PHP—which is the base for over 78% of all websites.

Why did Wojtek decide to endow this particular project? “It is the very first programming language I have learned. It was over 18 years ago, and I have been using it ever since. I am glad that PHP has a chance to be given a new life”, explains our developer.

The establishment of the PHP foundation was rushed by the “bus factor”. After 10 years of developing the language core, Nikita Popov—a key PHP developer, has decided to focus on a different project, the development of the LLVM compiler.  

In the first two years of its operation, the Foundation aims to create regular job positions for the language core developers and provide them with competitive pay financed by donations.

Magda Rejman (The Children’s Future Foundation beneficiary)

The charity chosen by Wojciech to receive our financial aid is fundraising for the treatment of 13‑year‑old Magda Rejman, who is struggling with the health consequences of type C lymphoblastic leukemia.

The decision to support the girl is very personal to Wojtek. “Magda is my cousin’s daughter”, explains our developer.

Currently, the disease is in remission. Magda is slowly recovering from the illness, but she still requires constant medical care, including immunity‑supporting drugs and costly rehabilitation. In order to arrange the necessary help and funds, Magda joined The Children’s Future Foundation a few years ago and still remains under its care. At the moment, the Foundation helps 450 children in need of constant medical assistance.

If you wonder how you can support the Foundation, here’s what you can do:

  • Join the volunteers coordinating the fundraisers.
  • Make a donation.
  • Run your own fundraiser.
  • Take part in activities held by the Foundation, such as collecting plastic bottle caps.
  • Talk with your employers about how they can support the Foundation.
  • Take part in run races organized by a Foundation’s charity running team.