#SidnetDonations: Staszek for LimeSurvey and the Gajusz Foundation

The projects we are supporting in May relate to Staszek’s past and future experiences. These include the professional experience of conducting surveys and the experience of being a parentStaszek will become one in just a few months.

Find out why selected opensource and nonprofit projects are so important to our Sales Specialist Michał Staszewski, who in a team full of Michałs is known as “Staszek”.


Leading opensource statistical survey software. It has been developed since 2003 and is provided without licensing fees. The LimeSurvey web application is written in PHP and designed to run in LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) or similar environments.

“I previously used paid corporate survey systems such as SurveyGizmo or SurveyMonkey. When I reviewed LimeSurvey’s capabilities, I  ound that the open-source software does not lag behind its commercial counterparts. This software also allows you to conduct large surveys using advanced survey templates and automation,” explains Staszek.

What other benefits of free LimeSurvey does Staszek recognize?

  • More than 80 language versions and simplified translating of the survey into other languages.
  • 28 readymade question types, including singlechoice and multiplechoice questions, questions with the option to mark answers on the scale using a slider, and with date and time fields (in the selected format), etc.
  • Interactivity: hints, validation, the displaying of additional questions, and the skipping of irrelevant ones depending on the answers given.
  • Embedded analytics, data visualization, and export.
  • Access management: invitationonly, open, and public surveys.
  • Customizable appearance, including the addition of HTML/JavaScript code with custom templates.

Gajusz Foundation

Established in 1998, the foundation has been running the first hospice in central Poland for terminally ill children. Each year it supports more than 400 families facing not only terminal illness but also childhood cancers, lethal defects diagnosed during pregnancy, as well as traumatic events.

Gajusz Foundation initiated such projects as:

  • OKNO (WINDOW). Support for children who have experienced cancer. During therapeutic and integration meetings, they meet new friends, learn to cope with stress, and acquire competencies that will help them return to ordinary life.
  • Inpatient hospice. “Palace” housing terminally ill children called “Princesses” and “Princes”. A place for children deprived of parental care, from families unable to care for terminally ill children or provide palliative care at home.
  • Tuli Luli. A center that prepares infants abandoned by their biological parents for adoption. Toddlers grow in the company of three dedicated caregivers. They go for walks, use the room for sensory integration, and do rehabilitation exercises.
  • Cukinia (Courgette). Therapy center, which gets its name from the movie “My Life as a Courgette.” It brings together psychotherapists, speech and language therapists, child psychiatrists, physical therapists, and many other professionals who help families in crisis.

“I learned about the Gajusz Foundation during my studies in Łódź. On my way to the faculty, I met distraught parents visiting the Foundation’s office. Since I learned that I am going to be a dad, the plight of the small ones has been especially dear to me,” said Staszek.