#SidnetDonations: Dawid for Git and Animal Shelter in Tczew

Years ago, Dawid joined Sidnet as a selftaught developer; today, he has more experience than many Frontend Developers put together. He masters new JavaScript frameworks at an astonishing pace, and specializes in singlepage applications (SPAs) and desktop applications.

Check out the opensource and charitable projects that we will support thanks to Dawid’s choices.


An opensource version control system created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds as an alternative to the thenproprietary BitKeeper. It’s one of the most common tools used by developersfrom freelancers to tech giants such as Google, Netflix, Twitter, or Android.

“Git is one of the first tools developers learn. We use it in almost every projectboth commercial or hobbyistwhenever it requires developers to seamlessly work together. The system also works well in projects with a single developerit allows the separation of work on individual elements of the application thanks to the so-called »branches« and, if necessary, to restore the previous version of the code,” explains Dawid.

If you want to become a Git expert and use its advanced functions like a pro, refer to the freely available book “Pro Git.”

Animal Shelter in Tczew

Animal shelter in David’s home town. In 2020, shelter volunteers helped find homes for 326 dogs and 48 cats. In the same yearwith only funds from 1% tax donationsthey replaced the roofs over the boxes, renovated some of the boxes, and provided their fourlegged friends with insulated kennels, specialized food, and medical treatment.

“A shelter’s expenses list never ends. That’s why I’m supporting the shelter in my city for the 5th time as part of #DarowiznySidnet”, says our programmer.

The shelter in Tczew is one of ten shelters run by the National Society for Animal Protection OTOZ Animals. Every day, the organization’s representatives rescue animals from hunger and pain, fight in courts to punish their tormentors, and prepare animals for adoption.