#SidnetDonations: Marcin for Laravel Actions and Zuzia Bereza (Between Heaven and Earth Foundation beneficiary)

Valentine’s Day may not be a big deal to us, but we cannot ignore Congenital Heart Disease Day. Even more so because today we can actually relieve the heart of 18‑month‑old Zuzia. The recipients of donations in February have been selected by Marcin Tabaka—Lead Backend Developer, who has a heart for PHP and the Laravel framework.

Check out which open‑source and charity projects are to receive financial aid thanks to Marcin’s choices.

Laravel Actions

A tool for the logical organisation of applications that are built in Laravel. It allows developers to focus their attention on the application’s functionality under the assumption that one action performs exactly one task.

“We have recently used this package in the Fooder web and mobile app project. Together with Wojtek, we were seeking a solution to replace the now obsolete and unsupported Laravel Commander—which implements the Command Bus pattern. Laravel Actions perfectly suits our needs, as it allows us to consistently trigger an action, regardless of whether the request was triggered by the web interface, mobile app API, scheduled cron task, or queued task,” explains Marcin.

Laravel Actions implementation classes can be used as:

  • object,
  • controller,
  • command,
  • listener,
  • fake instance for testing.

Zuzia Bereza (Between Heaven and Earth Foundation beneficiary)

18‑month‑old Zuzia is struggling with Williams syndrome—a genetic defect causing cardiological problems. The girl has already had two complicated procedures to widen the sections of the pulmonary arteries and the aorta, which are narrowed due to the disease. To be able to develop, she needs cardiological drugs, intensive rehabilitation, and visits to a speech therapist.

“I share a mutual friend with Zuzia’s parents. Although the girl will always suffer from the disease, I believe that the current efforts can help her become more independent and capable in the future,” said our developer.

Zuzia is under the care of the Between Heaven and Earth Foundation, which has been providing material, legal and psychological support for incurably ill children and their families since 2011.