#SidnetDonations: Sebastian for Asahi Linux and the Korabiewice Animal Shelter

2020 has taught us not to grow attached to New Year’s resolutions. A real change requires not only consistency but also flexibility. The open-source and charitable projects that we are supporting in these early days of 2021 form good examples of this approach.

This time it was Sebastian Stasiak making the selection, the Sales Director and coordinator of web development projects and corporate IT solutions. A dedicated Apple fan who is even able to squeeze his interest in #SidnetDonations for open-source projects 😉

Asahi Linux

A project currently being launched that will result in the distribution of Linux for Mac computers with Apple Silicon. Behind the initiative is Hector Martin, an enthusiast who, as he describes himself, “likes putting Linux on things”. So far he has created versions of Linux operating on the PS4, PS3 Slim and Nintendo Wii consoles, for example.

Creating Linux distribution on the M1 Mac Mini is a full-time job for Martin. The manufacturer does not provide documentation for Apple Silicon solutions, so it is necessary to test closed-source software through reverse engineering.

“Apple is not associated with open source, but there are programmers who appreciate the quality of Mac hardware. I respect the determination of a developer who tries to reconcile fire and water,” comments Sebastian.

The costs of work on the project are to be covered by ongoing fundraising. Martin has already reached the threshold necessary for the project to start. Each subsequent donation will help speed up the development of the software and ensure its further growth.

Korabiewice Animal Shelter

A shelter for dogs, cats and farm animals, including horses, cows, pigs and sheep. Before being taken over by the Viva! Foundation, the shelter was a place of dramatic scenes as publicized by TVN UWAGA! reporting. Since 2012 the homeless animals have been looked after by devoted volunteers (50-70 people every week!) and vets. Thanks to the foundation, a range of necessary adoption programs (physical, virtual and temporary) and animal sterilizations have been launched.

This is already the third donation made to the Korabiewice Animal Shelter by this former volunteer:

“I am attached to this place. This coming year I would like to adopt one of the shelter’s charges,says our Sales Director.

Those who have not yet managed to organize themselves in the new year might appreciate a wall calendar featuring animals from the shelter. The funds from the calendar sales will be used to build a cat shelter.