#SidnetDonations: Tadzik for LineageOS and Campaign Against Homophobia

In the Sidnet team, it is easier to find mild variations of ‘Googlephobia’ or ‘proprietaryphobia’ than discrimination based on any personal characteristics.

These attitudes are well reflected by open‑source and non‑profit projects, which we will support in October in accordance with the request of Tadeusz Sośnierz (Tadzik)a talented Backend Developer, programming trainer and co-creator of open source software, including Perl 6 (now known as Raku).


Open-source operating system for smartphones and tablets. It is based on Android, but unlike Android, it does not contain proprietary software.

“The goal of LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod) is to develop Android as free software. Although the standard version of Android is technically open, most smartphones on the market come with a version modified by the manufacturer, network operator, and Google.Tadzik explains.

LineageOS offers a number of features not available in the official Android Open Source Project (AOSP) software.

Examples of unique features of LineageOS:

  • Advanced customization of buttons (including physical ones), lock screen or profiles (e.g. ‘Work’, ‘Home’). The latter can be customized to start automatically when connected to a specific Wi‑Fi network or Bluetooth device.
  • Increased security and privacy. From full control over application authorizations through the ability to hide sensitive numbers (e.g. emergency numbers for victims of violence) in the call log, to ‘PIN scramble’a feature related to mixing numbers on the lock screen, making it difficult to see the PIN used to unlock the phone.
  • Features for developers and demanding users. Advanced features regarding recovery or recording of phone calls.

The community around LineageOS is also committed to keeping Android updates for devices made years ago, extending their life cycle.

“LineageOS gives a second life to older smartphones for which updates (including security updates) are sometimes delayed by months or even completely unavailable. With LineageOS, I continue to receive updates for my five‑year‑old phone, reducing both expenses and the production of electronic waste.”our developer adds.

Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii)

Nationwide public awareness organization campaigning against homophobia and transphobia. It was established in 2001 by Robert Biedroń. It educates, organizes social campaigns, provides free legal and psychological assistance to people experiencing discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. It organized the powerful project ‘Let them see us’ (‘Niech nas zobaczą’, 2003)the first campaign for same‑sex couples in Poland.

“Much has changed during these 17 years, but it is still common for some people to try to dictate to others what normality is. The authorities in Poland feel entitled to compare someone’s nature to ideology or a whim. I hope that thanks to the Campaign Against Homophobia and similar initiatives, I will finally stop worrying about the health and life of my friends and will not have to lower my eyes again when telling foreigners where I am from.”says Tadzik.

The organization also operates outside Poland, supporting the LGBT movement in Eastern Europe. It provides assistance to refugees from countries where non‑heterosexual or transgender people are threatened with the death penalty or imprisonment.