#SidnetDonations: Jakub for The Linux Foundation and the Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation

I have the impression that some September holidays, like International Charity Day and the Programmer’s Day, are celebrated at Sidnet at least 12 times a year. After all, we are always supporting the open‑source and charity projects our team members choose halfway through each month.

This time it is Jakub Opara making the selectionour Finance Director, a PRINCE2‑certified project leader and an occasional developer coding in Python, Perl and JavaScript.

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is a non‑profit organization whose members include tens of thousands of programmers and over a thousand companies, such as IBM, Microsoft and Intel. It was established in 2000 to develop and protect Linux. Today it maintains numerous open-source projects. It supports them financially, provides essential services and infrastructure, and shares its expertise at events and certified training sessions.

“The Linux Foundation is responsible for the largest open-source project in history. It also skilfully capitalizes on this experience to serve as an incubator for other revolutionary technologies,” said Jakub.

The open-source projects sponsored by The Linux Foundation include:

  • Kubernetesa platform for scaling, automating and managing container-based applications and microservices
  • JenkinsCI/CD tool for building, testing, deploying and automating software.
  • GraphQLa highly efficient query language for API servers. Created by Facebook developers, it was later made publicly available and became an alternative to REST.

Apart from driving the development of open‑source projects, The Linux Foundation promotes equal access to technology, as well as encourages people to acquire programming competencies and build careers in IT.

Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation

The foundation enables children suffering from incurable diseases to spend the final period of their lives at home. They are periodically visited by a team of nurses, doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists. The hospice staff help the children to live through their last moments with dignity, free of pain. They also prepare the families for their child’s inevitable passing and support them in mourning.

Additionally, before they start working with the foundation, the parents may ask the foundation to help them contact a family who have already dealt with a similar disease and also taken advantage of palliative home care.

This is the 3rd time that we are supporting the Warsaw Hospice for Children, according to Jakub’s wishes:

“They are my first choice. They help and comfort families who suffer, who often do not understand why this has happened to them, and to allow them to come to terms with the inevitable. A lot of us are unaware of the personal dramas happening just a step away,” Jakub explained.