#SidnetDonations: Kamil for Thunderbird and the “Kundelek” Animal Shelter

Is it Monday, Wednesday or maybe August already…? It is easy to lose track of time during the pandemic. Fortunately, the 15th of each month is always there to keep track of our current space-time position. After all, we have been donating to open-source and charity projects on this day for 7 years now!

This time we are supporting initiatives chosen by Kamil Głuszak, a developer from Rzeszów with a talent for integrating open-source solutions and closed business software (e.g. Microsoft products).


Thunderbird is a leading free, open-source email program for Windows, macOS and Linux. Created by the Mozilla Foundation, Thunderbird is being developed by volunteers and financed entirely through donations.

“I always begin my day by checking my Thunderbird inbox. Even though I have been using it for several years, I have never had any issues with it. I want to support Thunderbird to keep it as trouble-free as it has always been,” Kamil explained.

Although we have already supported the Mozilla Foundation and the creators of the Firefox browser numerous times, this will be the first time that we will be directly helping to finance the development of Thunderbird.

“Kundelek” Animal Shelter

“Kundelek” is a shelter for homeless cats and dogs, run by the Rzeszów Animal Protection Association. The shelter was founded in 2005 and has since been helping lost and abandoned animals, as well as those taken away from irresponsible owners.

Currently, the shelter runs daily live broadcasts on Facebook. It also shares resources regarding the functioning of animal shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic, which are being translated into Polish by volunteers.

“The Rzeszów shelter does much more than supporting homeless animals and their new owners. It also provides the inmates of a nearby prison with a sense of purpose, as they help keep the shelter clean,” Kamil said.