From: Dawid, Sidnet | To: jQuery + Tczew Animal Shelter

In their everyday work, our developers work from various locations. But it is Dawid’s home town that is the longest distance away from our office in Warsaw. Dawid Jancen, a resident of Tczew, has been involved in programming frontend and single-page applications (SPA) for nearly 5 years.

When asked to choose the open-source and charitable projects that we will support this month, he indicated the ones that have already received our donations several times per his request. As such, Dawid chose to support the creators of the jQuery library for the 3rd time, and the inhabitants of the Tczew animal shelter for the 4th time.


jQuery is a JavaScript library which is very helpful in building the frontend of web applications. It is open-source software, available under the MIT licence, which is currently being developed by the JS Foundation. Of the 10 million most popular websites, 73% utilise this library, including Wikipedia, Twitter and LinkedIn. As for us, we have used jQuery in many projects, notably in the sales and service management system developed for UK2.

What does the jQuery library provide us with?

  • Plug-ins. A plethora of free add-ons to use in interfaces, forms or AJAX mechanisms.
  • Animations. Ready-to-implement effects that make the user interface more attractive. This is the primary reason why the jQuery library is so popular with web designers.
  • Less coding. In accordance with the slogan: “write less, do more”, jQuery can do a lot with just short lines of code.
  • Cross-browser compatibility. The library works in all popular web browsers. Adapting the code to each one of them individually is not required.

“jQuery was the first library that I learned to use when I first started my adventure with JavaScript. It has been around for 13 years and, in that time, a very active community has formed around it. This makes it easy to find solutions even in the case of the most unusual problems” – said Dawid.

Tczew animal shelter

It is a dog and cat shelter that has been run by OTOZ Animals since 2007. Its activities include organising animal adoptions, educating people and protecting its inhabitants. In June, the shelter opened a brand new space, specifically dedicated to old dogs.

“Several of my friends were involved in the shelter’s activities. That is why I know for a fact that the Tczew animal shelter constantly needs donations to properly take care of the animals” – Dawid explained.

However, the activities of The Polish National Society for the Protection of Animals – OTOZ Animals – include much more than taking care of stray animals. The Society also conducts thousands of interventions every year and organises educational meetings at schools, as well as annual nationwide campaigns that encourage people to adopt animals. In addition, it supports protest actions against animal abuse.