From: Piotr, Sidnet | To: WinSCP + “To see a brother in others”

Our way to get through November? Instead of firing up the stove, by warmly giving something to others: helping the needy and those who develop open source projects – often at the expense of their own time. This is the first time that supported ventures are chosen by our programmer Piotr Zieliński.


Graphical SFTP client for Windows with useful features such as:

  • support for the portable version,
  • file synchronization,
  • multiple sessions running at the same time.

For Piotr, this solution is useful in his everyday work. “It allows me to very quickly preview the contents of files (e.g. environment files) located on servers. Thanks to synchronization, I can open the file in a text editor and edit it without having to manually move it between the local computer and the server”, our programmer said.

W człowieku widzieć brata (To see a brother in others)

The organization has been working for more than 10 years for the benefit of lonely, disabled, homeless, sick, elderly people and those who for other reasons cannot cope with everyday life. It provides equal opportunities for children and youths. The foundation is also a partner of the Pajacyk program, under which it gives meals to children in schools in Łódź.
“The name of the foundation aptly reflects the essence of its activity – supporting those who have found themselves in a difficult situation and who are threatened with social exclusion”, said Piotr.