From: Filip, Sidnet | To: and “Prima” Foundation

If you are a member of the Sidnet team, we leave you no choice but to support those who need it. This time it was our programmer Filip Sergot’s turn to select valuable projects. Although the creators of Brave, his favourite browser, refuse to accept donations, we still chose to describe this particular initiative. Labradors from the Prima Foundation – you lucky dogs! As a result of this unusual turn of events, you are going to receive a double donation this month 😉

It is a browser created to give more guts to the most aware of the Internet users.

It effectively counters the fear related to online privacy:

  • It blocks the ads and scripts, preventing the associated data collection,
  • It simplifies the cookies control,
  • It makes use of secure connection when possible (automatically selecting the HTTPS protocol).

“Brave is a response to the growing concerns related to collection of user data implemented by major companies, such as Google or Facebook. It is quick and it also grows quickly – with new, very usable functions being added continuously. My favourite capability is the tab preview function” – Filip said.

“Prima” Labrador Retriever Rescue Foundation

This organization focuses on fighting the detrimental stereotypes related to careless ownership of a Labrador dog. It offers effective assistance for the dogs, especially for the Labrador retrievers.

The Foundation has a special place in my heart. I had a Labrador once, but at the very young age he was sick with bone cancer. I witnessed how much suffering can an animal take, and still wag its tail when seeing the owner” – Filip told us.