Monthly Donations: the Perl Foundation and the Rescue Haven

Every month we support one open source project and one charity, and August is no different. This time, the selection of the recipients was made by Michał Wojciechowski, the founder of our company, who also initiated this tradition over six years ago.

Michał decided to support the Perl Foundation. Perl is a programming language with a long history, and although it had fallen a bit behind in terms of popularity in recent years, we still find it very effective and use it for many projects, both internally and when building solutions for our clients. Our donation is to support the development of the language, its ecosystem and community.

We also help the Rescue Haven, an animal rescue centre which provides shelter for animals that have suffered from human cruelty and neglect. This organization is of special meaning to us, as we originally supported it in May 2012, when we made our very first donations, therefore beginning the monthly initiative.

We wish all the best to everyone in the Perl Foundation and the Rescue Haven!