Even though it’s summer outside, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we got distracted by (mostly) beautiful weather and neglected our monthly tradition of supporting one open source project and one nonprofit organization.

In July it was Wojtek Wąsik who had the privilege of choosing the causes that we will donate to. For the open source project, he went with Notepad++ - a source code editor that he uses ever since he can remember. As the author states on the Notepad++ website, his aim was to keep the CPU load low and therefore contribute to reducing the world carbon dioxide emissions.

We are also supporting the Natural Heritage Foundation, which operates within the area of Bieszczady, Wojtek’s favourite mountains. The organization takes care of animals in the Puszcza Karpacka forest, popularises this region in Poland and abroad, promotes local products and engages in investments which connect humans’ interests with nature protection and lead to creation of new jobs.

We wish both projects lots of success!