April is upon us, and the weather it brings is so sunny and warm that we have already forgotten the winter. What we have not forgotten, though, is our monthly drive to support open source projects and charity organisations – and this month the chooser is (for the fourth time in history) Dawid Jancen.

Just as we did exactly one year ago, we (more specifically Dawid) have decided to financially assist the JS Foundation, which works to support the development of various open source projects that make up the JavaScript ecosystem. In our everyday work we make use of many tools supported by the JS Foundation, such as webpack, ESLint, RequireJS, as well as good old jQuery and jQuery UI. Our thanks go to the projects’ developers and the JS Foundation crew!

The other recipient of our help this month is the homeless animal shelter in Dawid’s hometown of Tczew. This is not the first time we have helped the shelter either - the last time was back in January 2016, when we helped treat Diego, a severely neglected dog rescued from his soulless owner. We were pleased to find out that Diego has recovered fully and found a new home. We hope that the other animals at the shelter have the same luck!