We have already cleaned up the last of the confetti, and finished the remaining New Year's champagne, so for the first time in this new year we continue our monthly tradition of helping open source projects and others in need. The task of selecting who to support was assigned to Wojtek Siewierski. He has been working with us for over a year, but this is his first opportunity to take this honourable role.

Wojtek decided that in January we should aid the GnuPG project, an encryption software package which our team has been using for years to secure e-mail correspondence. We previously showed our appreciation for GnuPG back in 2013, when we first gave financial support for the project - and now we are doing it again without hesitation. By the way, we'd like to send our thanks and belated birthday wishes to the package developers, as GnuPG recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the release of its first version (December 20th, 1997). Thank you, and we wish you all the best!

Through the Avalon Foundation we are also providing aid to Marcin Sztrubel, who for over ten years has been struggling with progressive muscular atrophy. Marcin himself tries to help others suffering from similar diseases by participating in the Polish Society for Neuromuscular Diseases. However, to be able to continue to do so and to enjoy life, he requires constant specialist and expensive rehabilitation. We hope we can help him to finance it, at least to a small extent. We wish you all the best, Marcin!