Monthly Donations: the Wikimedia Foundation and the R² Foundation

Today’s the day when we do our traditional monthly donations. The organizations to support this month have been selected by Karol Janyst.

We usually support open source projects, but this time we’re making a kind of an exception by donating to the Wikimedia Foundation, which is the organization that operates Wikipedia (they also run the open source project MediaWiki, so maybe it’s not that much of an exception after all). Over the years of our work, there have been countless occasions when Wikipedia has proven to be an invaluable source of information, so this donation is well deserved. Thank you, Wikimedia Foundation, and all the Wikipedians, for your hard work!

The second organization that receives our donation this month is the R² Foundation, which is a motorcycle emergency response team run by a group of volunteers. Karol’s choice was heavily influenced by the fact that he is an avid motorcycle rider himself. The R² team has been operating since 2003, and if you’d like to see them in action, there’s an interesting video on YouTube which showcases some of their work and training. R² volunteers, we wish you all the best!