Joining the Drupal Association and Supporting the “Little Claw” Foundation

It’s time for the April 2013 edition of our monthly donations. This month we’re supporting yet another project that has long deserved it, since we’ve been using it for years. Actually, you are looking at it right now, as it’s the content management system that our website is built on: Drupal.

Drupal is one of the most successful CMSes on the market, it has been around for more than twelve years, and is reportedly powering about two percent of all websites worldwide. We are supporting Drupal by purchasing a year of membership in the Drupal Association, as an organization member.

In addition to supporting Drupal, we are sending a donation to the “Little Claw” Foundation in Warsaw, who helps homeless cats by providing food, sterilizing them, and most importantly finding them new homes

Marcinek, one of the Foundation’s cats, waiting for a new home

To all the volunteers of the “Little Claw” Foundation, thank you for your efforts!