Supporting jQuery Validation and Jakub Ułanowicz

It’s time for another round of monthly donations to open source projects and charity organizations. This month, we once again invited Marcin Tabaka of Internet Tea Group, who works with our team on a regular basis, to select the recipients of our support.

Marcin chose jQuery Validation, a form validation plugin for the extremely popular jQuery library (which we also supported some time ago). We have been using it happily in many web projects and we like it a lot for its flexibility and ease of use. Thanks to the author, Jörn Zaefferer, for a great piece of software.

We’re also making a donation to the Foundation for Children “Help on Time”, specifically we’re supporting one of the children under their care – four year old Jakub Ułanowicz, who suffers from autism and needs financial help to cover the costs of his therapy and rehabilitation.

We send our warmest greetings and best wishes to Jakub and his parents, and we hope our donation will help them at least a little bit.