Donating to JSLint and the “Our Children” Foundation

Today is the day when we do our monthly donations. This month’s selections of an open source project and charity organization to support have been made by Arek.

The supported open source project chosen by Arek is JSLint. It’s a software utility that automatically checks JavaScript code against a set of rules and best practices, created by Douglas Crockford (a programmer well-known for his involvement in the development of JavaScript, including, among other things, the popularization of the JSON data format). For the past couple of months, Arek has been working on a large project based on Backbone.js, and he uses JSLint on a regular basis to verify the quality of his code.

The second of this month’s donations goes to the “Our Children” Foundation, based in Warsaw, devoted to supporting children brought up in children’s homes, specifically the Children’s Home no. 9 in Warsaw.

By the way, “Our Children” is our (rather loose) translation of the Polish name of the Foundation, which is an untranslatable play on words, having a double meaning of “Children’s moms” and “We have children”.