Hey, We’re on GitHub!

We all here are big fans of Git and GitHub, and we happily use one and the other, both for work and for personal projects of ours. Some time ago, we also made ourselves a company profile on GitHub, but we weren’t using it and it was only collecting dust. Now, that’s about to change, as we’re putting into action our long standing plan to contribute to the world of open source software by releasing a few of our internally developed projects – on GitHub.

To start it off, we’re releasing WebService::SendGrid::Newsletter, a Perl module that lets you use the newsletter API provided by SendGrid, a cloud based email delivery service. We developed it as part of our work on a social-ish website that sends out a large number of e-mail notifications and utilizes SendGrid for this purpose. Some parts of the website’s backend are built with Perl, including the notification sending code, and we needed to make it work with SendGrid – and since there was no Perl module that did it, we wrote one.

The version that we’re releasing is in an early stage of development, lacking some features and documentation, but we’ll try to fix that soon. And, of course, as with any project on GitHub, we’re looking forward to contributions and pull requests.

We have a couple more projects lined up to be released, so stay tuned. And may the source be with you.