Donating to Redmine and the Animal Shelter in Łódź

It’s the 15th day of the month, so in keeping with the tradition that we started half a year back, it’s time for our donations to open source projects and other good causes. This month’s project and charity organization have been chosen by Krzysiek.

The open source project that we support this time is of special significance to us, since we’ve been using it for years in our work and we couldn’t now imagine living without it. It’s the project management application Redmine, and we already covered it on our blog a while ago, praising its great features. Nothing’s changed since then and we’re still using Redmine every day for all of our projects. Thanks and best wishes to Jean-Philippe Lang, the creator of Redmine, and to all the people involved in the project!

The second donation that we make this month is to the Animal Shelter in Łódź. To all the employees and volunteers of the shelter – thank you for your work for the good of animals that need love and care.