Enter the Blog

With this very post we’re starting our company blog. Our intention is to write about the interesting things that happen in our company, about our projects, and to share our experieces from working with new technologies.

We introduced the blog feature as part of a major update of the engine that our website is running on. Until recently, it was based on Drupal (a popular open-source content management system) version 5, which is somewhat outdated and needed to be replaced with a newer release. The current website that you’re looking at has Drupal 7 under the hood.

Working on the transition allowed us to take a close look at the changes that were introduced in Drupal in the years between version 5 and version 7. With no doubt, they were for the better – what we found noteworthy, among other things, is the fact that some vital features that used to be implemented in modules are now in the core (such as the ability to easily create new content types), and that there is a much better implementation of multilanguage features.

With that in mind, we hope Drupal 7 will serve us well, and will help us make you feel welcome on our site.