In case of the Sidnet team, you have no choice - you must support those in need ;-) This month we are making donations in order to support projects selected by one of our developers - Filip Sergot.

It is a browser created to give more guts to the most aware of the Internet users.

It effectively counters the fear related to online privacy:

  • It blocks the ads and scripts, preventing the associated data collection,
  • It simplifies the cookies control,
  • It makes use of secure connection when possible (automatically selecting the HTTPS protocol).

“Brave is a response to the growing concerns related to collection of user data implemented by major companies, such as Google or Facebook. It is quick and it also grows quickly - with new, very usable functions being added continuously. My favourite capability is the tab preview function” - Filip said.

"Prima" Labrador Retriever Rescue Foundation

This organization focuses on fighting the detrimental stereotypes related to careless ownership of a Labrador dog. It offers effective assistance for the dogs, especially for the Labrador retrievers.

The Foundation has a special place in my heart. I had a Labrador once, but at the very young age he was sick with bone cancer. I witnessed how much suffering can an animal take, and still wag its tail when seeing the owner” - Filip told us.