November has arrived, with leaves falling from the trees, along with the temperature and the rain. As is our monthly tradition, today we show our support for open source projects and charities. For November the aid recipients were selected by our fearless programmer, Tadeusz Sośnierz, better known as Tadzik.

Tadzik chose the Perl Dancer project, a framework for building web applications in Perl. We have known Dancer for a long time and successfully used the framework in a number of internal projects. Additionally, for five years we have been involved in a project in which Dancer plays (dances?) the main role. In recognition of these services, Dancer was featured on our blog as a supported project in 2015. Today we are happy to once again send financial aid to its creators and wish them success in developing the framework.

We also support the Association for Nature "Wolf", which has engaged in nature conservation for more than twenty years. The association mainly helps predatory mammals, such as wolves, bears and lynxes. In its long history, it has received many awards for its work, including a prestigious prize from the National Geographic Polska magazine. We wish the association further success and are grateful for their contribution to the conservation of Polish predators.