Today, as part of the March activities of our initiative to help open source projects and charities, we are making a donation to the Perl Dancer project and the “Pazurek” Foundation for Animals.

Perl Dancer is a framework used to create web applications in Perl. Its first version, issued in 2009, was modelled on the Sinatra framework (for the Ruby language), and its creator was Alexis Sukrieh. Currently, the second version of the project is being developed – Dancer 2.

Our team has had a lot to do with the Dancer project for quite some time now, because some of us (including the author of these words) have been participating, since 2012, in the project which is based on a complex web application that uses the Dancer, among others. We would like to thank the creators of the framework and wish them good luck in the further development of the project!

The “Pazurek” Foundation for Animals (the name can be translated as “Little Claws”) operates in Warsaw and deals primarily with helping homeless cats - by feeding and providing treatment for them, finding them new homes, and organising sterilisation programmes. We previously supported “Pazurek” in April 2013 and we are glad for the opportunity to do it again. We appreciate the efforts of the Foundation and wish them all the best in their future activities.