Today, as we do every month, we send our donations to a selected open source project and a charity organization.

This time the choice of project and organization to support was made by Marcin Tabaka. Marcin is not a member of our core team (he runs his own web development company Internet Tea Group), but he has been working with us on numerous projects in the last few years, and since the cooperation has always been great, we invited him to take part in this little initiative of ours.

Per Marcin's choice, the open source project that we support this month is Git, the distributed version control system. Our team has been using it as the default version control system for the last few years. We used mostly Subversion in the past, but ever since we started working with Git and got to know its advantages, we've been using it for all of our new projects.

We're also making a donation to the Patient Aid Association for Sarcoma, an organization devoted to supporting the treatment of tumor diseases, including sarcoma. Marcin has been helping the Association for more than a year (among other things, his company developed a new website for the Association) and he praises it as an effective organization that truly helps the patients. We are happy to give them this little bit of support.