If today is the fifteenth (and the calendar says it is), then it’s time for our support campaign. As we do every month, we provide financial support to a selected open source project and a philanthropic organisation - and this time the beneficiaries were chosen by our irreplaceable Angelika, for the second time in history.

Angelika remains faithful to her selection from last year, yet again choosing the KeePassX project, a password management tool for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. KeePassX has been used for many years by Angelika and several other members of our team, so as a team we wish to thank the developers for the great job they do, and to wish them luck in developing the project.

We are also going to provide support for the “Roka” Animal Aid Foundation and the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Skierniewice (Angelika’s hometown). We wish all the best to the employees of the foundation, as well as the volunteers and the animals at the shelter!