A few days ago we launched a new, thoroughly updated version of our website. We did it without much publicity or great pomp. No champagne popped either. However, we have decided that we should at least write a few words about it here, on our (also refreshed) blog.

What you can see at first glance is the new layout for the site, which is the work of our graphic designer, Marcin. We hope that you like it, and above all that you find it transparent and user-friendly in terms of convenient viewing on desktop and mobile devices.

Nevertheless, the new look of our site is just the tip of the iceberg because, most importantly, we have replaced the site engine. Drupal went into well-deserved retirement and gave way to Wagtail – a content management system written in Python and based on the very popular Django framework.

It was a kind of experiment and a challenge for us, because we had had no prior experience with Wagtail. It was actually just what we needed to put the site together “our own way”, while of course introducing lots of modifications and our own solutions. We got it right: after all web application programming is our daily bread. However, there are still some things that do not work the way we would like, so let's just say that the site is running in its beta version, and we will continue to work on it.

We would like to use the occasion to thank all the authors of the bigger and smaller open source projects that we have enjoyed using to build our new website. These are:

A big thank you from our entire team!